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Relevant information for Registering and Loading Vehicle Details


How to Register and Load Vehicles

Click "Register" on the menu. Fill in your profile details and click "Register" to save your profile. Your profile details are displayed, click "Vehicles". At the top of the new page click "Create New Vehicle". Add all your vehicle(s) providing the vehicle make, vehicle register number, licence number and expiry date (Please ensure this date is correct), even if they are not yet due for expiry. The details may be found on the vehicle licence disc or vehicle registration certificate. Click "Create" to save your vehicle details. Repeat this process for each vehicle. Vehicles registered in different names can be loaded.


What Happens Next?

Once we have your vehicle details, we will submit for processing when each vehicle is due for renewal. You will be notified in advance of any vehicles that will be expiring. We will invoice only when your vehicle(s) are due, with the amount as supplied by the licensing authority. Our service fee is R185 per vehicle. If you have normal traffic fines or eTolls outstanding, this will not normally prevent renewal of your vehicle licence. If you are aware of blockages these you need to resolve. Once we have received payment, we will process your vehicle. If penalties are discovered after you have received an invoice and made payment you will receive a separate invoice, with the amounts due for penalties. This will be displayed on your vehicle licence certificate. As soon as your disc(s) are ready, they will be delivered to you directly.


Blockages which prevent the issue of a licence disc can be summarised as:

· Other vehicles in your name with outstanding licence renewals

· A roadworthy certificate is required

· A police clearance certificate is outstanding


Please click this link Licence Refusal  if you require more detailed information regarding blockages.


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